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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones determine the performance of everything you do

Every task that you perform, every mood that you are in, and how you take on every day of your life is based on hormone production. Everything from your energy, to your metabolism, to weight, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and food cravings are all under the direction of hormones. Your hormones are attacked and knocked out of balance by one thing…STRESS.

Stress and your hormones

Stress sounds the alarm bell of the hormonal system of the body. With the alarm bell sounding most every day, not to mention several times a day with traffic, finances, relationships, deadlines, work, and others, it is easy to see how easy and widespread hormone imbalances can become. Compound this with the fact that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) increases your chances for heart disease, stroke, and cancer, leaves the average person in what seems to be a
“no win situation”.

Woman thinking about hormone therapy

Thinking of hormone replacement therapy? Consider the alternatives.

The non-surgical option

What we offer is a non surgical, non pharmaceutical, natural long term solution for people that are literally sick and tired of living a life feeling exhausted and overweight. On top of that, it is done without needles and without taking a drop of blood. Our testing is done for the patient and by the patient. It is a “take home kit” that is done by the patient in the comfort and surroundings of their home
and lifestyle.

This kit is a saliva test which gives the the most accurate reading of our systems imbalances. It is taken in YOUR environment to accurately reflect your stresses to record your hormone levels throughout your typical day. Doing so will give the most accurate reflection of who you are and what needs to be done to help. It truly is a customized and tailored test and treatment plan that will be specific and unique to you and your condition.

Your results

When your results are collected, we will go over with you step by step on how to get your hormonal levels back into balance and your life back on track. We will show you how to reclaim your energy, lose that unwanted weight, say good-bye to uncomfortable and embarrassing hot flashes and become productive again to accomplish the goals that you have for you and yours naturally with no side effects!

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