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About Advanced Healthcare Associates

We are proud to call the Wheaton area our home

We’ve been delivering quality healthcare in Wheaton since 1996. We decided to stay in the Western suburbs of Chicago after graduating from National College of Chiropractic, because it seemed like the perfect place to raise a family.  Wheaton, Illinois is a community where life is centered around family and sporting activities. There are great people in these areas and we are very proud to call it home.

Our mission as a Wheaton Chiropractor is to empower our patients to reach their potential

As the Advanced Healthcare practices have evolved over the years, Dr. Warden has had one vision in mind.

I want to see the people who enter the office with an ache, pain or a challenge, leave with the knowledge of not only what caused it, but how to prevent it from coming back. – Dr. Susie Warden

We desire to treat entire families as a preventative measure to educate them about the importance of chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise… before the symptoms begin.

As a chiropractor in Wheaton, we want to provide a positive environment to educate each person to understand the root cause of their pain, correct it, then strengthen and stabilize using exercise and nutrition to decrease the chances that it comes back.

Chiropractic and a better quality of life

When it comes to health and a better quality of life for our Wheaton residents, we would love for the use of medication to treat every ache, pain and symptom to be erased! We want to help you understand that our bodies are meant to heal themselves on a daily basis. Medications make our bodies lazy over time and eventually we get symptoms that affect our quality of life. Understanding this and using it in your life now means -not only your life would be better as you age, but so would your children’s lives.

Problems take years to create symptoms; healing these symptoms is not about a quick fix. The combination of chiropractic, physical and massage therapy and nutritional changes, over time will lead to a better quality of life.

Sound interesting? Let us help you incorporate this combination into your everyday lifestyle. Please contact our office to make an appointment today.


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