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Vitamin IV

Vitamin2We are delighted and proud to announce that Advanced Healthcare Associates is now offering a fantastic therapy to boost our patients’ overall health–Vitamin IVs!

While many people take an array of vitamin supplements daily, a Vitamin IV is the most efficient way to infuse vitamins directly into your system. “Considering how everyone is laser-focused on their immune system and overall health these days, we are so thrilled to offer this service to our patients,” said Dr. Susie. “Vitamin IV infusion therapy is an excellent addition to our already robust suite of health-promoting services,” she added.

Achieve Your Health Goals

Tired of resorting to that daily java jolt to get through your work day? Seeking to fortify your body’s defenses to stave off seasonal sickness? Want to have silky hair, smooth skin and strong nails? With our Vitamin IV options, we can help you achieve your health goals!

Relax While Your Body Gets Revitalized

Let our experienced and qualified Nurse Practitioner choose the best line of vitamins for you, and then simply sit back and relax. The appointment will last approximately 40 minutes. Once the infusion is over, you’ll feel amazing with energy and focus for the week.

Different Formulas to Boost Your Well-Being

The following are some incredible IVs designed for you:

  • Get up and go!- Energy- B complex, amino blend
  • Immunity- Immune defense- Vitamin C, B complex, zinc
  • Inner beauty- Skin, Hair, Nails- Vitamin C, B complex, biotin
  • Quench- Hydration- Vitamins C, B complex, mineral blend, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese
  • Myers cocktail- Full body re-fill -B-complex, B-12, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium
  • Glutathione-Antioxidant-An add-on IV after infusion to boost immunity and promote anti-aging
  • B-12- Energy- Injection into the muscle

Book an Appointment

Discover how great you can feel with a Vitamin IV at Advanced Healthcare Associates. Call (630) 260-1300 today to schedule an appointment!



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