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Medical Cannabis Screening

Advanced Healthcare Associates is dedicated to serving the community in many ways and one is to help patients with conditions required by the state to help facilitate their journey to acquiring their Medical Cannabis Card.

Our Medical Doctor *evaluates* your diagnosis information from your primary or general physician(s). Once that condition has been determined to be a qualifying condition required by the state we help facilitate the process by helping with the required documentation and paperwork necessary to procuring your MCC and forward it to the state office for processing. We can also assist you in finding a dispensary.

What is required by the state?

1. Patient must have a relationship with the clinic of choice for processing. (This means you must see this clinic twice and continue with follow up visits once your card has been received.)

*2 visits required:

  • $150.00 per visit (if paying with cash)
  • $165.00 per visit (if paying with credit card)

2. You must have a printed copy of *CLEAR* and concise documentation of your condition which must be one of the 42 conditions *REQUIRED by the state of Illinois. See the condition list here.

3. Must attain a current passport picture. (We have someone on site that supplies.) *$15.00*

4. Choose your card terms:

  • 1 year card $100.00
  • 2 Year card $200.00
  • 3 Year card $250.00

5. We also do renewals.

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