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An Exclusive Pain Relief Offer with Neuro Therapy

woman in a white shirt with neck and back painAre you tired of putting up with persistent pain? Maybe you’d like to stop relying on over-the-counter pain medication or steroid injections. We are pleased to offer patients an effective, drug-free way of alleviating pain—FDA-approved Neuro Therapy using ARPwave technology. This therapy isn’t widely available in our area, but we are happy to provide it to our patients.

Faulty neurological pathways usually accompany chronic joint and muscle pain. High-tech imagery such as MRI and X-rays can’t see these hidden problems. Neuro Therapy is a neuromuscular re-educator that uses electricity to increase neurologic pathways to injured muscles.

What You Can Expect

The ARPwave machine is used to diagnoses which muscles are involved. Then Dr. Warden attaches electrodes to those muscles. Then she will have you do active exercise to help re-engage the neurologic input from the brain to those muscles. The machine uses 500 pulses per second, where normal muscle stimulation is 30 pulses per second. Neuro Therapy helps isolate the problem, decrease pain, and re-strengthen the muscles that are involved.

Getting Patients Fantastic Results

Those with low back pain, hip pain, elbow pain, and knee pain can experience relief using Neuro Therapy. In addition to being noninvasive and natural, ARPwave Therapy also boasts recovery times up to 80% faster than traditional therapies.

One of our patients is a 40-year-old man who had chronic knee pain and severe degeneration. He got steroid injections three times a year, but they didn’t provide much relief. After just one session of receiving Neuro Therapy, the man felt 80-90% relief.

Like training for an athletic event, repetition is essential. These sessions retrain affected muscles and install a new, healthier pattern. As old compensation patterns are reduced, functional strength improves. The result is you can move more freely, without pain and new, improved strength.

Part of a Suite of Pain-Relieving Solutions

In addition to Neuro Therapy, Advanced Healthcare Associates also offers acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage. While patients may not get relief from one modality alone, they often will when it’s combined with these other modalities. In addition to these therapies, Dr. Warden also will reinforce the importance of maintaining good posture, eating a proper diet, and having a positive attitude.

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer

We’re now offering a free ARPWAVE Therapy evaluation and session. If you’re pleased with your results and would like to continue care, we’ll discuss pricing with you and your insurance benefits. Call (630) 260-1300 today!

We also invite you to check out some of our videos to see how Neuro Therapy can address conditions such as plantar fasciitis and knee pain.

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